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Medium-Voltage AC Drive VT710S, VT710P

High efficiency + Power regeneration = Extreme power conservation

Our product lineups include The Direct medium-voltage drives where a combined inverter efficiency of 97% has been attained. In addition, the power regeneration type has been added. This is the first such achievement in this business field.

Energy is more efficiency utilized here and extreme power conservation has been realized.


First achievement in business field

Power regenerative function loaded (VT710P)

  1. Rapid deceleration is possible by generating a brake torque while the motor needs to reduce speed. The regenerated energy produced at that time can be returned to the power source. Therefore, ultimate energy conservation can be achieved.
  2. Since a 100% motor rating can be continuously regenerated, this equipment is applicable where acceleration and deceleration are repeated frequently or regeneration is performed for a long time.


Smallest class in business field

High efficiency and high power factor

  1. A combined efficiency of 97% has been attained for drives. (This efficiency includes that of the input transformer.)
  2. A power factor of 95% has been attained for the power source. No additional equipment is needed for the improvement of the power factor.



  1. For fans, pumps, etc., to emphasize energy conservation
  2. Industrial machines such as extruders, agitators, mixers, conveyors and the like
  3. For rapid deceleration or frequent acceleration / deceleration of vehicle speed following blower, etc. (VT71 OP)
  4. Cranes, centrifugal separators, centrifugal loaders, etc., requiring long-time regeneration (VT710P)
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