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The expansion of the elevator market in the world is remarkable. At the same time, the adoption of the Permanent Magnet (PM) motors is rapidly growing to meet the requirements for high performance and compactness. The space-saving or machine-roomless type elevator systems call for hoist machines and inverters where the PM motors with the features of compact, thin-shaped, and low torque ripples design are used.
Meidensha Corporation offers THYFREC VT240EL and VT800 Series as well as the PM motor-applied hoist machines. These products are applicable to a variety of elevators with the rated capacity range of 450 ~3500kg and the rated speed range of 30~105m/min. Conventionally, the PM motor-applied gearless elevators were required to use load sensors. However, the use of a load sensorless control function realized the prevention of sharp impact generated at the time of elevator start or stop. It also realized the comfortable ride quality which is equivalent to the gearless elevator with load sensor.


In the recent elevator fields, there are the market needs for energy-saving, compact and thin-shaped design. Further, it also became strong needs for prod­ucts with easy installation and adjustment and less time required for the periodical maintenance. To meet these requirements, the driving motors for the hoist machines are changing from the induction motor type with reduction gears to the gearless type using the Permanent Magnet type synchronous motors (PM motors). The most desirable drive unit is the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) type inverters.

For over 30 years, the Company has promoted R&D programs on electrical products for elevators. Drawing on its rich engineering resources on elevator driving technologies, the Company now has the wide product offerings that cover almost major required range: from medium and low speed products to ultra­high speed products. This paper mainly introduces the electrical products for the gearless type application for medium and low speed range together with some case studies.



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