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Application to Synthetic Fiber Machines

Meiden PM motors for synthetic fi ber machines have more than 40 years of history.
For the drivers of the synthetic fi ber machines, the PM motors equipped with dampers are generally adopted for stable operation. When these machines are used with Meiden inverters, the zero-start system becomes available and driving is possible even with a large-capacity load such as godet rollers, etc.
For the synthetic fiber machines, the standard rotating speed can be increased as high as highspeed revolutions of 20,000min-1.
The Company offers the following product series:
(1) Low-speed series: 0.6 ~ 12kW, 4500min-1
(2) Medium-speed series: 0.8 ~ 18kW, 8100 ~ 6600min-1
(3) High-speed series: 1.1~ 22kW, 20,000 ~10,000min-1
Inverters are also custom-designed for fiber machines. The design goal is to improve the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and the reduction of the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) when any unit fails. In addition, the unit structure is changed to the draw-out system so that one-touch-action replacement can be achieved. Thanks to this system, a defective unit can be changed to a normal unit in the shortest possible time. This series also has some other unique functions such as the stand by power supply function at the time of PM motor operation and the operation continuing function in the case of a momentary interruption by using of fuzzy control. These functions are helpful for the prevention of yarn breakage due to the stoppage of low inertia loads like geared pumps, etc.

 VT630 AC Drives
• Multi-motor applications
• PM Motor Drives
• KEB control
• Special features for textile applications
VT630MS AC Drives
• One-to-one Drive
• PM Motor Drives
• Special features for textile applications 


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