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Output (kw)
Low-voltage AC Drives THYFREC VT240S 200V/400V 0.75-475
GORIKI PMD410 3.7-300
THYFREC VT310 1.5-550
THYFREC VT630 4.0-200
THYFREC VT630MS 2.2-45
THYFREC VT800 2.1-18
THYFREC VT240EL 2.2-50
Medium-voltage AC Drive THYFREC CV240S 200V/400V 7.5-650
High-voltage AC Drive THYFREC VT710S 3000V/6000V 110-3750
THYFREC VT710P 235-2000
Secondary voltage: 1570V 500-4000

All in One Drive

Six Different Control Modes: 
  •  V/F control for constant torque load (Heavy Duty)
  •  V/F control for variable torque load (Heavy Duty)
  •  Sensor-less Vector control
  •  Close-loop Vector control
  •  Sensor-less PM Drive for Energy Savings
  •  Closed Loop PM control
Features :
  •  User Programmable built-in PLC
  •  Stationary Auto-tuning & torque control in vector control and PM Control modes 
  •  Multi-pump control with Pump Rotation Function
  •  In-built PID,Travers Pattern, Ratio Interlock, External Brake Control.
  •  Ambient temperature up to 50 Degree Centigrade without derating
  •  Soft sound technology for silent operation
  •  Application specific in-built software for elevators, cranes, RSF, winders, etc.
  •  Drive support software for PC
  •  Networking through RS 485, profibus, device Net, CAN open & CC links
  •  Optional LCD display with multi language
  •  Parameter masking, password protection and copy-paste Function 
  •  High efficiency and triples operation
  •  Inbuilt DB ckt up to 30HP model
  •  Auxiliary drive control for up to 4 motors
  •  Manufactured from dioxin-free plastic (indicated for recycling).
 Global conformity:
  • CE compliant (EN61800-3, EN50178)
  • UL approval (UL508C: 1998) H series only
  • CSA C22.2 No.14-M91
  • EMC compliance (requires optional filter)
  • Harmonics compliant (requires optional kit)



Equipped with two 6 control mode, and induction motor can be controlled both PM motors. That can be displayed five languages and other global LCD inverter voltage corresponding to the panel and the world.

Power ratings 0.4~475kW
  200V system : 5.0~328A
400V system : 2.5~870A
Overload 120% min, 150% max


Control modes
Note: For more information please contact us.
Control of up to 8 pumps, one controlled in speed and the others ON/OFF. Allows rotation of the outputs to ensure same running time for all the pumps, including the speed controlled pump.
Sleep / wake up function included.
Allows close-loop control for process like pressure control, flow etc, including limit detection.
When this function is enabled, VAT300 automatically controls the motor speed to keep the process required set point.
This function automatically decreases output voltage according to the load, improving motor effi ciency. Logic and Arithmetic operations. I/O management.
Program Capacity: 16 instructions per bank (max 20 banks). Scan: 2ms per bank.
10 step automatic run function. Specific function for textile industry, weaving machines
Specific function for spinning frame machines Switchover of up to four sets of motorparameters.
ON/OFF control of external mechanical brake with feedback and other advanced features. Function that allow motor speed UP/DOWN by push buttons. This function can be combined with other reference signals, analogue or digital.
8 fixed speed, selectable, with independent acceleration / deceleration time setting Up to 11 independent time settings. One for Jogging, two for default acceleration / deceleration and eight
more for the Multi-speed function.
Speed reference Input / Output ratio is can be controlled according
y = Ax + B + C
y: Output Frequency or Speed
x: Frequency or Speed reference
A: Gain, adjustable from 0.000 to ±10.000
B: Adjustable from 0.00 to ±440.00Hz
C: Bias signal from auxiliary input
Torque reference Input / Output ratio is can be controlled according above given expression
This function is useful to restart a free-wheel rotating motor even if it is rotating in reverse direction Automatic re-start after a failure. Provides up to 10 programmable re-trials with programmable time
between trials.
Three skip areas. Width can be varied from 0.0Hz up to 10Hz. Operates in V/f control only Useful function that helps load balance when several motors are mechanically coupled.
Automatic measurements of motor constants and other critical parameters, for all mode of control like V/f, Vector control and PM motor control By this function, is possible to control the motor torque by means of analogue or digital signals
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High-performance general-purpose inverter THYFREC VT240S (2.2MB)
Applicable drives

PM motor, sensorless PM motor

Low-voltage inverter-driven motor



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