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Meidensha Corporation, a manufacturer of a variety of heavy electrical equipments, was founded in Japan 1897.

Since its foundation, Meidensha Corporation has polished itself as an electric machinery manufacturer towards a goal of establishment of a total system engineering and subsequent development of new equipment applicable to contemporary systems.

Meidensha considers it indispensable to achieve an organic consolidation of heavy electric technology, electronics, and mechanics. In consideration of hydrostatic drive servo electrifi cation needs, the high-power servo GORIKI series using a permanent magnet synchronous motor have been developed and commercialized.

There are three product groups in the Goriki range for diff erent performance requirements, but the same drives are used across the motor range to simplify set up and operation for system builders.


The R Series is for small and medium sized machines needing both high power and dynamic response capabilities. Constant torque ratings cover from 23.5 to 350Nm at speeds ranging up to 2500rpm. Typical applications include punching presses, injection moulding machines and printing presses.


The T Series (high torque) range is for medium to large machines, such as oil-hydraulic equipment, power shovels and injection moulding machines. Constant torque ratings are from 429 to 2540Nm and maximum speeds up to 1200rpm.


For general servo applications, there is the S Series. Suitable for applications right across industry, these systems off er constant torque ratings from 17.7 to 1270Nm at speeds up to 1800rpm. All three Series off er the performance fl exibility of a maximum torque up to 300% of the constant.

Goriki series High power motors

Goriki series High power motors

 PMD410 PM Servo Drives




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