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PM Drives PMD410

The servo drivers used with the PM motors are put into the product series by the name of the PMD410. For high-speed control, the PMD410 realizes the high speeds by establishing the current control system by the Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) configuration. In fact, this series assures the high performances of 1600Hz for the current response and 500Hz for the speed response. Table 2 shows the specifications of the product series for the Meiden servo drivers as PMD410. Since these drivers are intended for servo applications, we offer the following features for the application to specific use.
(1) Going compactness
The unit sizes most suitable for actual operation was realized through optimal design, not by
standard constant rating design as in the case of general purpose inverters. This is by effective
main circuit design taking into account of the instantaneous maximum current and operation cycle according to application.
The rear side heat sink unit was put on the outside of the unit enclosure panel.
(2) Going high speed
For the high-speed responses application, the ASIC with a built-in ACR control circuit is combined with a high-speed CPU. In this manner, high-speed responses were realized. For other applications other than servo applications, the Meiden general-purpose high-function inverters, THYFREC VT240S (VT240S), are also applicable for driving. In addition to driving the induction motors, however, this product series can also be used to drive the sensor-embedded or sensorless PM motors by in combination with combining it with the Meiden PM motors by switching the control mode.


 PMD410 PM Servo Drives



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